WELCOME TO ITPPL!!!!!              WELCOME TO ITPPL!!!!!

                Ideal Thermo-Plast Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1999 by Mr. Sushil Saraogi, with a vision to manufacture Plastic Injection Moulded Products for Engineering and Packaging Industries. He is been subordinated by experienced and talented work force with a focus on product design.

                We have experience of more than 33 years in the field of Plastic Industry. We specialise in processing of plastic materials ABS, Nylon, PolyCarbonate, Derlyn, HDPE, LDPE, PP, SAN, HIPS etc. We do custom moulding for Engineering and Packaging Industries like electrical accessories, switches, components for mixers and grinders, electronic swith gear products, caps and closures for bottles for Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries.

                ITPPL is highly competent and specialised in production of Thin Walled Plastic Containers and Cups for Dairy and Hotel Industries accompanied by In-House Printing, Labeling, Sleeving, Hot Stamping and Sub-Assembling.

                Our plant is located at Dadra and the premises has an ample space of 17000sq feet area, enabling us to keep our products readily available to entertain urgent requirement of our customers. We are having highly renowned and esteemed clients including National and Multinational Companies.

At ITPPL, We are always open to take new challenges for catering the needs of Engineering and Packaging Industry.

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